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What is Terroir?

It is all the natural surrounding elements of the vine that help define the wine. Each sip of Vino al Lago wine enjoyed tells a story of the Santa Rosa Valley, our vineyard, and our winemaker, Guillaume Fabre. Please go to our website and order a bottle to discover for yourself. Santa Rosa Valley lays horizontal to the Pacific ocean's cooling breeze. This helps maintain the European structure found in our wines. There are several types of soils in our area. Our vineyards are composed of well-draining soil structures that challenge the vines. This creates the intense and ripe fruit flavors found in our wines. We always compare ourselves to important and classic wine regions in Europe. As you see on this video, the steep terrain allows extra sunlight to reflect up against the hill -- creating a perfumed scent in our wines. The overall expression we try to achieve in our wine is a sense of place that is long lived, balanced , intense and complex. Try a bottle for yourself.

A little more on our Winemaker a.k.a.our "Bridge-builder"...
Guillaume Fabre has worked in Bordeaux and California. He is an expert in bridging the Old World Structure with New World Fruit. He allows the grapes to tell the story of California's ripening ability, but maintains the high acid and tannins needed to make world-class wines. Vino al Lago wines learn from the classic wine regions, such as Bordeaux andTuscany; however, we embrace the Californian sunshine and our unique proximity to the Pacific Ocean.
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