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Roasted Elephant Garlic Spread, with Olive Oil and Herbs

Recipe by Simone Lagomarsino


This is an amazing garlic spread, which features one of our favorite types of garlic that we grow in our garden -- Elephant Garlic.

At a Glance

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Yields: 3-5 ounces


Beyond the usual culinary equipment, it is important to have a blender for this recipe. 



2 heads of Elephant Garlic, separate and peel the cloves

4 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (split in half)

2 teaspoons of Fresh Herbs, finely chopped (recommendation: a combination of oregano, thyme and rosemary)

1 teaspoon of Black Pepper, freshly ground

1 teaspoon of Kosher Salt



Preheat the  oven to 425 degrees F.  Put all of the ingredients (using only half of the olive oil on foil, creating a pouch, and wrap tightly. 




Put the foil pouch into a pie tin just in case any of the olive oil leaks out of the foil pouch.  Place in the hot oven for 45 minutes.  Take the roasted garlic out of the oven, open the foil pouch, and let it cool.  The garlic should be very soft.  Once the garlic has cooled, place all ingredients that were in the pouch, and the remaining olive oil into a blender and blend the roasted garlic into a spread.  Add more salt and/or pepper to taste at this time. 


Serving Suggestions:


This is a wonderful as a spread on fresh bread, but it can also be added while cooking risotto, many vegetables, and fish for a dynamic addition to the flavor profile.

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